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nexter Zondag 3 Mei 2009 om 19:40


I'm in a bit of a "jam" now.
My workplace would really me to have my server as some kind of filehost, where they can, very easily, log in and upload stuff and then link to it. They would also need to be able to see all the files that are uploaded, delete and edit them (edit is not 100% nescesary, but would be cool).
So I was wondering... would anyone here happen to know just how to make this happen? MySQL, PHP, Javascript, whatever is fine. I just need a script/template that is free of charge and I'm good.
If you know of some script, have made it yourself, anything. I don't have enough knowledge myself in any scripting language myself to make this work. I know it exists, because other sites have such scripts.

At the moment, I'm using a Rapidshare-clone script, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. The filemanagement in that script sucks. Hard.

NSLW Zondag 3 Mei 2009 om 20:01

Is it in any way connected with PlayOnLinux?
nexter Zondag 3 Mei 2009 om 20:32

No, not my worplace's request anyways. However, if PlayOnLinux would need a backup-space or extra server in Sweden, my server could be of assistance. It has a 100mbit connection and 40 Gb harddrive (including the OS and applications space), a halfway decent processor (1.8 Ghz Celeron) and 512 mb ram.

I was just asking if anyone knew anything about it however, I figured there's some pretty skilled guys and gals here :)

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