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nexter Zaterdag 11 Juli 2009 om 15:43

Hello guys and gals :)

I'm from Sweden, as some of you might know, and I've taken a liking to french music all of a sudden.
A song that keeps playin on repeat in my brain (and on spotify) is "Pinocchio - Pin Pon (Le Bal Des Pompiers)" from the album "Magic Pinocchio". It's a great song, I cannot get enough of it. For you who have Spotify, check it out: http://open.spotify.com/track/1fxJ6Mxj9eAgZ1Z8gRSyHd

However, I'm looking for some more. Does anyone have any recommendations? Preferrably music in the techno/trance/dance/euro genre.
I would be really grateful.

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