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Microsoft office 2007 won't launch

Nothing happens

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bucheron Woensdag 25 November 2009 om 14:03


I just installed playonlinux (the lastest one) on ubuntu karmic 9.10 and microsoft office 2007, but when I try to launch word or excel, nothing happens, no message, nothing.

Can someone help me with that?


Aangepast door bucheron

NSLW Woensdag 25 November 2009 om 14:08

1)What's office version (e.g. French Enterprise)?
2) What's the output from terminal after running playonlinux --debug "Microsoft Office 2007 Word" ?
bucheron Donderdag 26 November 2009 om 15:43

It's office 2007 professionnal french, and the command returns "the program that you want to launch is not installed : Microsoft office 2007 word". But it appears in the menu...
tyler Zaterdag 5 December 2009 om 22:32

The same problem with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and Need For Speed: Underground and the same error on playonlinux --debug "NFSHP2" and playonlinux --debug "NFSUnderground".