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Alone in the Dark The new Nightmare

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guybrush.d Zondag 6 December 2009 om 12:18

Hi Guys!:sunglasses:
My second help request on this forum!:devil:
This time i'm looking information about this game, i bought it for cheap 'casue i love the Alone.. saga, but i have some issue after installation, this game is reported as platinum game on appdb
but after the installation, that works very well, i start the game and i didn't get any background image on the screen, just the player 3d model, if i modify the user.reg adding the 3d libraries like this :

Software\\\\Wine\\\\Direct3D] 1246019991

[Software\\\\Wine\\\\DirectInput] 1246019991

[Software\\\\Wine\\\\DllOverrides] 1244835499

i get the textures on the player 3d model but i stll don't get any backgrounds (just an olive green color), anybody of you get some success installing this and how?:incertain:

NSLW Zondag 6 December 2009 om 17:23

What I would do is:
1) delete ./wine
2) install the game
3) start the game
4) If there are graphics problems then I would do winetricks d3dx9. If graphic problems still exist then I would search for an patch on bugzilla or report that as a new bug.
guybrush.d Maandag 7 December 2009 om 20:27

Thanks NSLW!!!
I've got it finally!:p
the problem was not the user.reg configuration, now it runs without any external library imported with POL, the problem was an alternative launcher i used to start the game, the original launcher give me "no cd found" message (even if the game is original), so i used it. if i set it to 1024x768 i got the backgrounds of the locations to be very pixelated, and even setting it to the lower resolution. I found another no cd exe and using both i'm able to start the game at any resolutions without problems, thank you for you help! CIAO:D
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BobMontgomery Zondag 17 Augustus 2014 om 17:04

Hello, I have tried to install this program from the original CD pack, but when I click on ''install.exe" POL wine crashes".... anyone have any ideas.  I tried the supported script as well as manual installation without success.  I am running Zorin OS 9 (Ubuntu 14.04), 4 Gigs of RAM, a GeForce with 2 MB ram, on a 500 GB hd, with four CPUs.  The impossible Fallout 3 runs without any problems once I got it going, but this old game is giving me fits. The program installs fine on Windows 7 so it is not a defective CD.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.