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PlayOnLinux application hangs when Applying an install script

The only way to bring up the install wizards is to kill the repository dialog

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Reiger Dinsdag 26 Januari 2010 om 17:29

This is a curious issue that occurs on the very latest Kubuntu Lucid Lynx and requires forceful handling of the PlayOnLinux application to work around.

Here's the scenario:

You install something via the button marked Install;
A dialog pops up with a view of the repository of Install scripts. You select one;
You click the Apply button to begin installation via the script.

Then the application simply hangs. It does not consume excessive CPU or other resources it simply stops responding. Other buttons like Cancel no longer work.

When you eventually get fed up with waiting for it to respond and decide to kill the application (keep using the close button of the window so the Window Manager eventually helpfully offerst to kill the application for you) the window finally closes. And lo and behold: your wizard starts only now. °_°

Some version information:

PlayOnLinux: 3.7.2
Python: 2.6.4-0
NSLW Donderdag 28 Januari 2010 om 8:36

What do you try to install?
Reiger Dinsdag 23 Februari 2010 om 1:39

*something*. *Anything*. And the problem persists in 3.7.3.

It's not installing that is the problem. It is starting the script/getting the program to recognize you initiated a script. For me the only reliable way to do that is to “kill” the process via the KDE process monitor or via repeatedly clicking the [x] button so kwin will helpfully offer me the choice to “terminate” the application.

Only after the python process was killed, the new process will spawn and the installation script will run.
Christian.w Dinsdag 9 Maart 2010 om 11:31

I have the same problem. However my guess is that this has something to do with us running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx which is not stable yet and the program might need some tuning for this Ubuntu version.
znider Woensdag 31 Maart 2010 om 18:56

Im also having this same error. and im also on Ubuntu 10.04.
miguel Woensdag 31 Maart 2010 om 20:17

The same problem. Running on Arch
strider Zaterdag 3 April 2010 om 20:24

With a lot of courage I went looking in the source code, I did manage to get this bug 'fixed' without puking. (Nobody can really fix PoL, it's fucked up beyond all recognition)

I just ignored myself when screaming "OMG you are mixing tabs AND spaces , are you fucking kidding me ?" or "Why the fuck do you need to play ping pong between bash scripts and Python scripts ?" or "homedir = os.popen("printf \\"$HOME\\"", "r").read() ???!!! Dude, really, what's the matter with you ?" and just fixed the damn thing.

By adding
description.thread_running = False     
before sys.exit(1) in function installapp of file python/install.py , playonlinux would not hang anymore. Sweet.
There *may be* other occurrences of this bug elsewhere in the application, I just don't care enough to check that myself.

If you guys had any kind of proper revision control system like bzr or git I could have proposed a nice patch but since you don't I'll just propose my merges to Ubuntu's source code repo.

strider Zaterdag 3 April 2010 om 21:04

Fix commited on Launchpad : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/playonlinux/+bug/534780
anabelli Maandag 12 April 2010 om 10:39

I really think what you've done is great and it should be merged with wine without any doubt.
Still, it's clear it needs a little polishing: there are plenty of little problems and the user experience, ppl @ canonical are a little picky about this, could be easily improved.
So why don't you open your development process, make it easier, make it centralized, rationalize the bug reporting.. use launchpad. Moreover, something tells me that the biggest share of your userbase is ubuntu-related, and ubuntu is tightly integrated with launchpad.

Looking forward to see playonlinux in ubuntu-desktop..
anabelli Maandag 12 April 2010 om 10:39

btw, thanks strider...

how nice would be to have lutris merge its efforts with playonlinux... :)

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