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StarCraft 2 updating problem

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gtludwig Vrijdag 19 November 2010 om 3:22

I want to patch SC2, but every time I try to run the game's auto-patcher, Wine (and PlayOnLinux on this matter) freezes up.
I have downloaded the 1.1.3 patch file (222Mb) and would like to run it "off-line". Can this be done? How so?
Thanks in advance,
GNU_Raziel Zaterdag 20 November 2010 om 12:19

It can be done, here is an example :

wine "Blizzard Updater.exe" --locale="frFR" --patchlist="..\\Updates\\sc2-16117-16195-x86-Win-enGB-campaign" --patchlist="..\\Updates\\sc2-16117-16195-x86-Win-enGB-game" --patchlist="..\\Updates\\sc2-16117-16195-x86-Win-enGB-locale" --patchlist="..\\Updates\\sc2-16117-16195-x86-Win-frFR-locale"

As you can see :
-Patch files must be un the Updates folder of the game (create it if needed)
-Even if you use another locale, the enGB (Europe) or enUS (USA) files must be applied
-Patch must be applied in a precide order : campain->game->locale en->other locale

BTW, SC2 patching is marked as working and the game rated Platinum in AppDB with wine 1.3.6 so using this version it must work without patch manually.
Mystro256 Donderdag 25 November 2010 om 16:14

I found that the auto-patcher for me would always seem like it freezes but tends to work anyway if you wait long enough.

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