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assassin's creed won't install

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gtludwig Dinsdag 28 December 2010 om 2:13

Hi all,

I'm trying to install Assassin's Creed with the script provided by POL to no avail.

Installation halts on

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POL is 3.8.8
wine is 1.3.7
Nvidia 9600GT, driver: x86_64-260.19.29

I'd appreciate ideas in getting this game to run!

gtludwig Dinsdag 28 December 2010 om 2:15

odd... even though installation halted, it seems to have been completely installed... go figure...!

EDIT: MY BAD! I had just cancelled installation and script went on... It still isn't working... damn!

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rawnar Woensdag 12 Januari 2011 om 19:54

I have the same problem when running the provided installation script. There seems to be a problem using wine 1.3.7 during the installation. You can find the latest installation script that was ran by POL at ~/.PlayOnLinux/install. You can edit this file and later run with POL using the tool "Run a local script". By commenting out the following line your system default version of wine will be used during the installation.

#Use_WineVersion "$WORKING_WINE_VERSION" (line 54)

This solved the installation halt for me. Be aware, on my system the background image was not rendered during the installation, but present. So it seems like you desktop is not responding anymore, but when you switch to a different desktop all buttons will work again. This was due to the installed version of wine on my system being 1.0.1 (Debian is falling behind). You could also try changing the wine version by changing the line: WORKING_WINE_VERSION="1.3.7"

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