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GTA Vice City - mouse is moving to center of a screen

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Loreno Vrijdag 21 Januari 2011 om 16:54

I installed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City using PoL script. Everything was fine, I installed also 1.1 patch (using wine, I just selected Vice City directory) and polish language file.
I can't run the game from PoL window. When i try to, it just doesn't response. I have to open game's directory (using nautilus, because option "Open application's directory" in PoL doesn't work for this game) and run gta-vc.exe. In menu I can only choose Settings, because when I move mouse it just moves back to central position (Settings option is in central part of the screen).

What can I do to solve those problems?

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Loreno Zaterdag 22 Januari 2011 om 13:30

I've solved problem by myself
Smon Donderdag 27 Januari 2011 om 15:27

GNU_Raziel Zondag 30 Januari 2011 om 17:33

Please explain how you fixed this issue, since I don't have this game I cannot test it so I will add the fix to POL installer after you told me.