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Neverwinter Nights 2

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camartin001 Maandag 14 Februari 2011 om 2:16

Greetings all. Im a total newb to linux. This is my first day infact of using a linux distro ever.

Im trying to get NWN2 to run, but I keep getting the error that a 3D card cannot be located.

Ive tried to follow through the instructions Ive found elsewhere for installing the game, but, its still not working. Can anyone help a newbie get off of windows and still be able to play most of his games?
gtludwig Maandag 30 Mei 2011 om 15:40

Hi, camartin001,

Have you managed to get it running? I'm also interested in using POL to play this game and have found there's a script for it. Also there is an old thread discussing problems with this game here:

Hope it works for you too! :)

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