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I can't run manual installation and install plugins!

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jeremi360 Maandag 21 Maart 2011 om 7:24

I have:
-Linux Mint 9(based on Ubuntu 10.04)
-PlayOnLinux version 3.8.12
-Wine 1.3.15
-Gnome( but I turn off gnome-panel and use AWN)
-Hp pavilion tx 2500ew
-runing POL by terminal don't give me any useful in information

Installation scripts are working good.
But when I choose a manual installation nothing is happening :@
I can't install plugins too :@
Help me !

P.S.: Sorry for may bad English

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Precision Dinsdag 22 Maart 2011 om 15:21

I'm a newbie here, ok!! But I'm using also a pol 3.8.12 and it's running for manual installations. Then I suggest run in terminal:


Then you can see manual installs problems output. After that choose manual install, prefix name without spaces, assign wine version and select the installer.

jeremi360 Zaterdag 26 Maart 2011 om 17:56

Terminal don't give me any useful information, but I just upgrade to Linux Mint 10(based on Ubuntu 10.10) and now PlayOnLinux work good !!!
Precision Maandag 28 Maart 2011 om 15:49

That's all. Do you know slackware? It' s the best. You should use it!

Good Luck!