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How to write a topic ?

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Shai Maandag 5 November 2007 om 23:53

In this forum, you will be allowed to post two types of messages:

-Issue topics
-Test topics

You have to include the tag:
- [Issue] before the title of your issue topic,
- [Test] before your test topic.

You can also add tags:
- [Wine] or
- [Cedega].

For Test topics, please read this : http://www.playonlinux.com/topic-644-Create_a_test.html
The Issue topics are a way to solve your gaming problems.

If you want PlayOnLinux to support a game, please check that it is not in this forum already.

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(tu le changes je mord)
dlzerocool Woensdag 7 November 2007 om 0:34

I sent a PM to Tinou asking about become an English traducer,
but anyway I can just traduce here, all French tests who have already been made by other users.

This would give maturity to the English forum part, and it will avoid all non French users to ask and say anything that was already answered on French side.

I will look forward for your answer.
In case you want me to, just delete this post, and PM me. I'll so start doing it.

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Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 7 November 2007 om 16:31
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

We will not delete this post.

English members should read this post-it and respect these rules before posting.

But if you want to translate all French tests, you are welcome
dlzerocool Vrijdag 9 November 2007 om 0:46

Working on it.
It will take some time to traduce main post and useful replies.

Take a look at suggestion about the web site & forum, there is some propositions that other members agreed with.

I'll give some fresh tests as soon as they are traduced.

I think you misunderstand me about delete "this" post, I was talking about my reply not about the main post

Aangepast door dlzerocool

Drum & Bass - Dev - Beer and more... What else ?
Quentin PÂRIS Vrijdag 9 November 2007 om 17:02
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Yep, sorry

I'll answer you for your suggestion about the forum.
cgizmo Dinsdag 20 November 2007 om 19:14


Quote from dlzerocool

You say translate, not traduce !
santa_klausi Woensdag 20 Februari 2013 om 14:55

Hi everybody, don know if I'm the onlyone taking a look at this topic, but if I'm not: The link to "How to create a test" does not work anymore.
I think it is probably to this post:

Maybe you wanna update it.

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