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Uninstall Play on Mac

Please help

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Fede123 Zaterdag 12 September 2009 om 11:24

Hi guys, just yesterday i found on the internet your amazing software, i read some good reviews on the net, but i have got some doubts about it.:incertain:

I want to make it clear first that I'm not an expert about mac.:cry:

First of all, what should i do, if i want to unistall it, with all the windows program and games installed to work with it?

Yesterday i tried to install an original game, but i think i made some mistakes, since i cannot find it anywhere.
Seems there's no uninstall button or command in the program menu, and i don't want to manually remove files and directories related to "playonmac", since i don't know if the program has installed extra files outside its main directory.

Can you explain me a safer solution, or do i have to reformat my entire hard drive to prevent future problems such as software incompatibilities?

I'm sorry but I'm just a bit noob about mac.:incertain:

P.S.: I use OSX (version 10.5.1), which has never been updated since it was installed, that is a week ago, and I haven't installed Windows on an extra partition.
Fede123 Dinsdag 15 September 2009 om 15:19

IS THIS FORUM ABANDONED? seems no one want to answer me
ali Dinsdag 22 September 2009 om 15:56

As far as I know you dont need to worry about future software incompatibilities.
These are main paths I found for PlayonMac files:
(yourusername is your user name!)
and obviously PlayonMac.app that you have probably moved to your Applications folder.
BTW, You can use Apple software update(available from Apple menu) to update your Mac OS X so you have latest bug fixes, security updates etc. I suggest you download combo version of Mac OS X 10.5.8 update first :
Then run software update to see which other updates it finds for you.
KosciakPL Woensdag 15 September 2010 om 15:35

Download AppCleaner. Easy apps deleting :)

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Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 3 November 2010 om 0:40
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

PlayOnMac Uninstaller is now included in the dmg image
Je bent hier: Index > > Uninstall Play on Mac