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jave Maandag 14 November 2011 om 11:48

Wine version: 1.3.29
Distribution: Fedora
Distribution version: 16
Graphics card: intel-hda
Graphics card driver: ?

It installs and runs okay in a generic wine bottle made by playonlinux.

theres no sound for some reason, but I did test the sound in wine.

the in game config menu complains about no "openal" if that is relevant.

I can play for a while but get bitten by an in game bug later.

BTW it would be nice if this report could be made from within the playonlinux UI.
GNU_Raziel Maandag 14 November 2011 om 12:10

It's useless to try it with PoL/Wine when native binaries exist : HERE

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jave Maandag 14 November 2011 om 13:00

Well okay, I know about the native version. My reasons for trying it on wine are for comparision. I think POL could still support the wine version, and during installation suggest the native version instead. Anyway, thanks for listening.
GNU_Raziel Maandag 14 November 2011 om 19:16

The main purpose of PoL/Wine is to be able to use softwares that do not exist as native version, so, if a native version exist, we do not support non-native one.


jave Woensdag 16 November 2011 om 0:16

No problem. so, I close this subject.
jave Zaterdag 3 December 2011 om 10:50

had some further issues, and just thought I'd document them here.

I bought the game on steam, and it worked fine in POL.

Then I got the Linux binaries, and copied the PK4 files, as per the README.

The game starts, but nags about a CD key, but I didn't get the key when buying on steam.

So, I'm now contacting Steam to see if I can get my key. Funny how hard it is to make a legally obtained game work on a supported plattform!
primax Woensdag 9 Januari 2013 om 20:27

Hi I have tried the native binaries...but they don't work is a mistery and many text about menù etc....appears like a robot runs q4 better than binary
sk00lD Maandag 14 Januari 2013 om 22:28

I have Quake 4 on linux native with out any problems. Actually I get about 10 FPS better on Linux than I do on Windows 7 (dual-boot). My install is from the CD's and has rockridge protection which is a pain in a non Windows environment but do-able, the DVD's are a much smoother install. Your Steam install might be a keyless install, which you agreed to in the EULA. Browsing through that or contacting Steam sounds like your best options for support. In any case the problems your experiencing are pebcak errors.

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