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Magicka (steam version) fails during install

Fails installing XNA 3.1 - POL 4.0.14, Ubuntu 11.10

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holybladder Vrijdag 25 November 2011 om 16:50

Hi folks. Having a real problem with Magicka via POL - it installs the .nets just fine, but when it gets as far as installing XNA Framework 3.1 it just hangs there working forever. Running Ubuntu 11.10 and POL 4.0.14.
GNU_Raziel Vrijdag 25 November 2011 om 20:37

I will check this out as soon as possible, thx for reporting :)
holybladder Zaterdag 26 November 2011 om 0:34

Thanks Raziel. The issue seems to be with XNA 3.1 - since posting the above I've tried installing dozens of different ways with versions of Wine from 1.2.3 to 1.3.33, manually installing .Net up to 3.5, installing Steam first then trying to add Magicka, and doing the same process with bare Wine and with Winetricks - it's always XNA that causes the problem. And even with winetricks in verbose mode I can't get any more information as to why it isn't running!
GNU_Raziel Zaterdag 26 November 2011 om 15:13

XNA 3.1 error fixed, fully working on Debian testing x64 and Linux Mint 11 x64, enjoy :)
holybladder Zondag 27 November 2011 om 14:08

Thanks so much Raziel...unfortunately now I have another problem! Everything installs fine, but when I go to run Magicka, it fails at the final stage (loading Magicka itself) with a dialogue box with the message "implement type compare for 1b!" The debugging window says the same, followed by "err:mscoree:expect_no_runtimes Process exited with a Mono runtime loaded."
GNU_Raziel Zondag 27 November 2011 om 15:12

I've fixed wine version to 1.3.26 (latest working one for this game) because later releases seem to hang, retry and tell me if it fixed the issue.

If not, it com from the game itself and we will have to wait for wine dev for a proper fix to come.

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holybladder Zondag 27 November 2011 om 18:12

Having serious problems with Steam connecting now - think it's on their end though :( Is there a way I can replicate the process in the script manually? Just so I can avoid having to delete the partition and run the whole process every time it fails at the last hurdle? Also, the "implement type compare for 1b" issue seemed to be a Mono problem...is there any reason not to switch out Mono 2.6 for Mono 2.8 in the script, see if that solves it?
GNU_Raziel Zondag 27 November 2011 om 20:22

even with .NET 3.5 installed you have the "mono" message by wine, so it's not related to mono but to the way wine handle framework processes.

Mono 2.6.x branch feature full .Net 2.x support, while mono 2.8.x branch do not. It will when mono 2.8 will be next stable branch and mono 2.10.x will take mono 2.8.x place.

This is really a wine problem. If you want to make a report for wine dev, just use default wine-1.3 package of you OS and use winetricks to install steam and DirectX...I don't know if you can install XNA with it by the way...If not, simply use winetrick to install .Net 3.5 then install XNA 3.1 "by hands".

Wine dev do not like projects like PlayOnLinux, even winetricks is not really appreciated (but tolerated since Dan Kegel is in the wine team) so the "manual" way is the only way to have any kind of help from wine devs.
holybladder Maandag 28 November 2011 om 12:34

Thanks for the information, Raziel...it turns out .NET 3.5 wasn't actually installed, so I edited the script so it wouldn't install Mono (and XNA 3.1, which also installs Mono when done through POL), and ran it again, then manually installed .NET 3.5; it then got much further through the startup process - it actually loaded the title screens for Magicka, but then seemed to hang! Looks like Mono may have been part of the problem, not sure what's going on after that :( Frankly I've spent WAY too much time trying to get this damn game to work, can't waste any more time on it. Thanks for all your help.