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How do you play Steam Games?

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wh33t Dinsdag 27 December 2011 om 7:06

Hey POL,

I'm kind of rediscovering Linux and I was amazed to see and hear about PlayOnLinux! I'm so thankful of the people who make this possible. Thank you Thank you!

So my first question is how should I be playing my Steam Games? I've managed to get Steam Installed easy enough but when I go to play Half Life 1 (yea I know it's old, I thought it would be a good test) it seemed to freeze up at the loading screen. It was a strange kind of freeze. I immediately could tell that the resolution of the game was very low, somewhere like 800 x 600. I wasn't able to click on the buttons in the menu like "exit" so I tried ALT+f4, CTRL ALT DELETE and I believe what happened was the application exited but my screen was froze on the Half Life screen still. I moved my mouse around and clicked a bunch and I could hear the OS responding with my chat sounds and such but to no avail, I never regained visuals of the OS again, it was stuck on the Half Life screen.

This game is supported I believe. So I'm unsure of what I need to do.
Here is some information.

Radeon 4670, Amd Phenom x4, 4gb,
Latest version of POL
Ubuntu 10.04LTS x64 - Gnome

MrLeek Dinsdag 27 December 2011 om 15:07

I've only tried Halflife: Source (but been playing HL 2 & L4D for hours) and encountered no major problems on any of them. The only problem I've had is having the mouse cursor in the middle of the screen as you play - once you load the next section that disappears so I can live with that.

It might be worth looking at the wine config options - open up PoL and bring up the config options for Steam. Then look at the wine tab and select "Wine configuration" - that loads up winecfg for Steam. Best guess for now would be to look at the graphics options - change one thing at a time and see what happens.

Sorry - not much help I'm afraid. I've also read that forcing the game to run via OpenGL might help as well. Either way I'm sure someone more smarter than me will come along and solve your problem soon.

Good luck!

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