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PlayOnLinux and GTA: San andreas problems

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Thrashard Donderdag 5 Januari 2012 om 3:45

I have Lenovo G565 laptop. Firstly, I try GTA SA only through wine. It's quite good except in some (every time different) moment of playing it just stops and freezes or sound just disappears. ALT+F4 unusable. Then i think i should install it through playlinux, excuse me but it pissed me off. I choosed SA to install and then extra window shows out. It's all grey. When it pisses me off, i close it but install begins. After install i try to play. Everything's working but colors are shitty, looks insulting.
Thrashard Zondag 12 Februari 2012 om 22:17

I solved big part of my problems but still there's no sound. I need some help.
Quentin PÂRIS Vrijdag 17 Februari 2012 om 13:03
Quentin PÂRIS

What wine version are you using?