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Cisco Packet Tracer 533

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andrewglass3 Vrijdag 4 Mei 2012 om 17:02

Hi there

I previously used packet tracer on play on mac, however after a reinstall of lion I had to do a fresh install on POM and packet tracer.  Now the packet tracer installer goes through all the motions, however upon trying to launch the program I get a fatal error msvcp90.dll missing.

Can anyone help please?  Im so sick of running a virtual machine purely for packet tracer on my mac and would love to get this running again.

Many thanks

Quentin PÂRIS Vrijdag 4 Mei 2012 om 17:06
Quentin PÂRIS

Try to install "vcrun2008" (Configure menu) in the virtual drive
andrewglass3 Vrijdag 4 Mei 2012 om 17:16

Oh thank you :) I'll give that a try now.
andrewglass3 Vrijdag 4 Mei 2012 om 17:19

Fantastic! Thank you it works :)
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Quentin PÂRIS Zondag 12 Augustus 2012 om 20:06
Quentin PÂRIS

If someone wants to make a script (or help me to), I would be very interested
Joannethomas Zondag 5 Mei 2013 om 22:05

Thank you so much too. Been pulling my hair out trying to get to work. It told me that I already had it installed too, so had to reinstall. Now it works like a treat.