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[main] Fatal: PlayOnLInux 4.0.18 is required to install League of Legends

Where is 4.0.18?

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michaeljwjr Dinsdag 24 Juli 2012 om 5:02

How do I install 4.0.18? The dev version is only 4.0.14 where is 4.0.18?
petch Dinsdag 24 Juli 2012 om 7:29

Click on "Download" on the top of this page.
Currently the latest version is 4.1.3.
michaeljwjr Dinsdag 24 Juli 2012 om 7:54

I clicked download and was always told my version was up to date. I did manage to get the 4.1.3 downloaded, but now LoL is not an option in the Games section, even with testing checked.
petch Dinsdag 24 Juli 2012 om 8:49

It may help to click on "Refresh" button once after upgrade, software lists format has changed with this version.
michaeljwjr Woensdag 25 Juli 2012 om 4:11

Thank you, it's installed now. Of course now I'm getting "invalid username/password" each time I try to log in, and I even logged back into windows to make sure I wasn't losing my mind.
asterix0 Zondag 28 October 2012 om 12:30

how do i download 4.1.3 i cant download it
petch Zondag 28 October 2012 om 13:08

Why would you want 4.1.3 when 4.1.8 is out there? :p

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