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Your system misses the font 'Verdana Regular'


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johnselekta Vrijdag 17 Augustus 2012 om 16:27

What gives? Got this message, but Verdana is present in BOTH Windows and Mac. Its called 'Verdana' just like any Windows® System (lol).

Anyone wanna help a guy out?

Quentin PÂRIS Vrijdag 17 Augustus 2012 om 17:01
Quentin PÂRIS

Could you be a bit more precise please?

- First PlayOnMac just doesn't care about what fonts is installed on Mac or on Windows
- Secondly, we don't even know what you are trying to run! How can we help you?     
johnselekta Vrijdag 17 Augustus 2012 om 17:53

Hi Quentin and very sorry! I'm trying to get LiveZilla 3.3.2 (I think) running. This struck me as a bit strange, as I could see they were all installed.

First message was '.NET framework 2.0 needs to be installed', which I fixed. Now it stops at the message above.

I'm sure I've read somewhere of a success story under Wine for LiveZilla. I'm just off to find it now. Here's somewhere you can get it from (v3 is free, v4 is not).


Thanks again, Quentin - this looks like an awesome piece of software!
Quentin PÂRIS Vrijdag 17 Augustus 2012 om 17:54
Quentin PÂRIS

Click on your program, then configure, then package, then you choose corefonts and you install it
johnselekta Vrijdag 17 Augustus 2012 om 17:57


This is the success story. Maybe I need to look into the fonts a bit more in-depth, check the registry entries and make sure its a TTF not an OTF or something. Any ideas would be greatly received though.