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POL hangs after/at the end of downloading fonts

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drag0nius Woensdag 29 Augustus 2012 om 9:53

I'm on fresh install of Debian Squeeze 64bit and i cannot complete first run setup,
I supposed it finishes downloading tahoma32.exe then does nothing (responds to mouse clicks, but doesnt go further)

Last message in console is "Downloading: tahoma32.exe" then newline at which cursor blinks.
petch Woensdag 29 Augustus 2012 om 14:05

That's the only one downloaded using ftp protocol, do you have per chance a firewall enabled?
horsemanoffaith Zondag 28 April 2013 om 7:37

Petch, I am having the same problem with a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.04. It finally timed out, and now it's telling me that there is an error installing fonts. What do I need to do?
petch Zondag 28 April 2013 om 10:36


I just tested, it worked for me too, but maybe tuxfamily.org server is not that reliable at the moment.
For now just retry, but we may have to find another URL to download this font...