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LOL random lags

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arnaud405 Woensdag 9 Januari 2013 om 19:29

Hi everyone,
I changed my Linux distribution, I am now using Linux Mint 14, based on Ubuntu. I just copied my .PlayOnLiux folder from my debian to this distribution. All the other applications are running perfectly. 
LOL also works well, except that during the game, after about 5 minutes, I have some spikes. I go down from 60 to 15 FPS in a second, and go back to 60. It is a bit annoying to play.
Do you have any idea ?
Thanks for your help.
arnaud405 Maandag 14 Januari 2013 om 21:05

arnaud405 Zondag 20 Januari 2013 om 18:33

I just reduced manually the FPS to 30 in LOL options during a game and apparently it works better now.
petch Zondag 20 Januari 2013 om 19:53


Xzip suggested some changes to game.cfg that can help increase FPS (at the expense of some graphic quality, I think).
I'm more doubtful about other changes (it may work for him, for me it simply makes the game crash right away), but at least I think the changes to game.cfg can be useful:
arnaud405 Maandag 21 Januari 2013 om 16:33

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, it is still the same for me with this config. I have about 60 FPS, and sometimes, a drop to 17 for 1 second.
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