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Path Of Exile wrong md5sum

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luyz25 Vrijdag 1 Februari 2013 om 22:34

Wine version: 1.4

Distribution: Ubuntu 

Distribution version: 12.04 (Precise) 

Architecture: 64-bit

Graphics card:Geforce GTS 250 1GB
Drive version: 310.14

Comments: The md5sum is wrong the right is: 

POL_Download "http://webcdn.pathofexile.com/downloads/PathOfExileInstaller.msi" "20a48aa647a83cd782ece6197659d76b"

i tested now and work's, but the game is downloading and wasn't tested.

petch Zaterdag 2 Februari 2013 om 0:17

luyz25 Zaterdag 2 Februari 2013 om 2:31