[Test] Warlords Battlecry II

Works - nearly...

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santa_klausi Thursday 21 February 2013 at 22:06

Hi everybody, I installed Warlords Battlecry II and it works somehow.

Wine version: 1.4.1
Distribution: Linux Mint with Cinnamon
Distribution version: 14

Graphics card: Intel Mobile 4 Series & ATI Mobility 3400 HD 512mb switchable
Graphics card driver: for Intel: i915, for ATI: radeon (sorry i don't know versions or where to look them up
Also installed: POL_Install_d3dx9

Comments: I installed it with d3dx9 because i don´t know the differences between this one and the other versions - the game asks for Direct X 8.1. (Little question here: Could i Install this directX from the CD as well?). Also i thought it might be worth trying it with the newest my default WINE-Version.
The menu worked out of the box, but when I try to start a game it crashes. So i tried it with a virtual desktop for WINE which works out fine - seems to be an issue with changing the resolution.
So, the game runs smoothly with my Intel graphics, while it lags using the ATI - probably a driver issue?

Now i'm experiencing some problems because in campaign the game continues to crash when i choose the abilities of my hero (begins at level 4). Thats kind of bad because there is no chance of loading anything closeby (the savegames are automatically deleted after each skirmish). Does anybody have some ideas how to fix that? Maybe try an older WINE-Version?

Greeting & thanks for helpful answers in advance!

EDIT: Before playing the game i applied Beta-Patch 1.04.

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