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Problem running KeyBin

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Biggabertha Thursday 25 April 2013 at 6:54

Hi there..!

I'm really happy with how easy it's been to use PlayOnMac in conjunction with WINE and so forth that I've never ran into a problem before. It's saved me a great deal of time lugging myself 200+ miles to my parents' house or my partner's house abroad in order to get a few simple Windows or Linux only programs to work in an attempt to play video games across the Atlantic Ocean.

Such a situation has arisen in Monster Hunter Tri where we've encountered a slight dilemma in accomplishing a goal before the servers come to a close on the 30th of April. There will be no possibility for us to play an Event Quest without the use of a quest editor program made specifically for the Windows platform. Certain files are needed to be extracted from the game's ISO in order to be able to use the quest editor program.

I understand, am aware and accept that PlayOnMac does not support Piracy in any means. However, I do own the game disc in both regions (all three actually...) and I believe that this is not a pirated software that I'm running - but I would still like to ask for permission to continue posting the problem I've encountered.

(P.S. I understand a ton of problems would be solved if I just bought myself a barebones £200 notebook or desktop of some sort and I may just have to do that one day - but asking at the moment seems to be a good option for the time being)

The problem I've encountered is trying to open Wii Scrubber 1.4 and in order to open that, MakeKeyBin needs to be opened first to generate some sort of code. I'm fairly sure that Wii Scrubber 1.4 doesn't cost at all to download, open or use but I know of the implied (and carried out) piracy that CAN be involved with it.

After reading up on MakeKeyBin, it seems like it needs to be opened in the same folder as Wii Scrubber so the code generated gets copied or applied straight into Wii Scrubber.

I'll stop writing here for now, in case I have gone over the line of piracy but I have the debugger log saved and more details that I can part with. I just would like to know if it's okay with you all that I ask about this problem or whether I'm breaking the rules already.

Thanks for reading my wall of text!

tl;dr the stickies version (even though you blatantly state no one reads all of it):
MakeKeyBin not working.
GNU_Raziel Thursday 25 April 2013 at 11:55

This software is for non-legit Nintendo Wii ISO games, we do not support piracy of any kind, thread locked.
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