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loggod Sunday 2 June 2013 at 0:48


I'm searching for performance tipps to increase fps in War Thunder.
My setup is:

8 GB Ram
NVIDIA Geforce GT 440|1024MB

Linux Mint 14(x64) KDE
NVIDIA Driver Version 304.88

Win Version XP
GLSL support: enabled
DirectDrawRenderer: opengl
VideoMemory: 1024MB
OffScreenRenderingMode: fbo
RenderTargetLock: readtex
Multisampling: disabled
StrictDrawOrdering: (usaly) disabled

Game Graphic Settings
resolution 1920x1080
all settings turned to the lowest available value
no AA
no Anisotropy Filtering
Support for old graphics card enabled
Renderer WinXP

I usaly get 50-75 fps while in the menu and 12-16 fps in game with StrictDrawOrdering key set enabled ( and therefore no graphic glitches) and around 18-30fps in game with the Strict DrawOrdering key set to disabled (but with massive graphic glitches then).
I've been running this game with some wine versions (1.5.26-1.5.31) and couldn't notice a performance boost in none of them, compared to each other.

My Question is, has anbody tipps to further increase the game performance? War Thunder has the habbit (at least on my setup) to massivly begin to shake the plane if fps drops below 15-16 and therefore making aiming and playing nearly not possible. SO the only way i can play this at the moment is to disable StrictDrawOrdering and have this massive ugly graphical glitches :-(

Any tipps are welcome

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xpander Thursday 13 June 2013 at 20:17

strictrawordering kills perf a lot

1)try UseGLSL disabled

2)try,tools like jupiter app or similar to make you CPU be constantly on performance mode instead of ondemand.

3)update to 310.x or 313.x drivers (those give pretty good perf boost)

4)if you are using any sort of compositing(kwin or compiz) try disable them
booman Tuesday 18 June 2013 at 21:08

disabling GLSL can create unwanted visual effects, but if you are "ok" with it, can help Frame Rates.

I was taught a clever way to boost some frames...
Using Openbox Windows Manager
Its plain as hell, but will reduce the background processes that normally run with Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, etc

I've found that "some" games actually run smoother.
You can install Openbox with the synaptics package manager (I did in Mint 14)

Then reboot, and before logging in, select your Openbox windows manager and log in.

You will be greeted with a blank slate... no menu's, buttons, graphics, nothing.

Just right-click, open Terminal, type PlayOnLinux.

The only problem I have found so far is changing the desktop resolution.

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loggod Friday 28 June 2013 at 0:49

Hi Guys,
Thank you all for the answers. I did use some different WM's in th past ( "the old" gnome, IceWm and xfce)...but grown to love the KDE Desktop now:-) so changing is not an option for me (anymore). But i could imagine using a basic WM like Openbox would bring indeed a few frames more.

Anyway, i did a driver update for my graphiccard as suggested (NV beta drivers 319.23) , witch indeed boosted my framerate to a playable level with StrictDrawOrdering set to enabeld (~35-40 fps) -- but now my pc shuts down on every second or third match i play in a row... BUT ALLWAYS AT THE END OF MATCH, WHEN THE RANKING SUMMARY APPEARS :-) ami beeing hacked? did i used PRISM KEYWORDS like bomb, america freedom, bicmäc??I xD ... Well I dont' know I just guess some part of my hardware is dying soon (AC, RAM etc. ) too bad now there is a way to play this game on linux...

But again: thanks for all the tipps!!
As for my part this threat can be closed

booman Friday 28 June 2013 at 1:25

I would definitely do some Memtest's on your PC! Crashing could be a sign of Memory failure.

Cool, glad you know about Window Managers! I only use Openbox for newer games and then go back to Cinnamon for everything else.
Its not my main Window Manager, but it does't give me a boost in frame rates.

† Booman †
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xpander Saturday 29 June 2013 at 0:02

marco WM (mate desktop) + compton for tearing fix - no framerate drops at all :)