Zeus + Poseidon

I am not a smart person

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Thibaud Wednesday 11 November 2015 at 5:36

Hello there,

First I apologize if I didn't post in the right section and I hope an admin will be kind enough to move this post if necessary.

I downloaded POM for my MacBook pro because it seemed the best option to easily run a windows program on OSX. I followed everything, went on with all the downloads required and purchased Zeus + Poseidon on Gog website. The installation went perfectly fine and I am able to launch the game. I can watch the intro and access the main menu. But as soon as I hit anything in the menu, everything on screen goes funny. I can see through some of the mess that the game is actually working and I can start playing. But I can't see what I m doing.

I tried the POM debugger but to no avail.

I have a MacBook pro 15 inch mid 2010 with OS X 10.10.5

I ll happily provide any details needed if somebody could give me a hint about what i could do :)

Thanks in advance.