Sims 4 Studio??

Anyone gotten it working?

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cyanidearsenic Monday 13 November 2017 at 23:57

One of the recent patches broke a lot of sims 4 cc and the easiest/best way to fix it is to run it through a batch update in sims 4 studio according to all the windows users having issues with it and I was wondering if anyone has sucessfully gotten Sims 4 Studio [] working through POL? I tried installing it into the bottle I have sims 4 itself in but I get this error when I try to open it. I did a cursory search and saw some people mentioning .Net in association with the error from my log but installing .net hasn't helped any. I'd rather not have to either dump all the mods altogether or dump them and then slowly manually update so consider that a last resort.

Thanks (Log is linked below).