Help running Morrowind and Oblivion

I can't get platinum rating application to run

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mastablasta Monday 25 March 2019 at 19:08

I managed to install both (both are GOG) and there were no issues there. But then everything else get's conflicting messages on internet about their usability. I read UESP wiki (Unofficial Eelder Scrolls Pages), wine appdb, i even checked Lutris forums eventhough i am not using Lutris at all... curiously i am not the only one with the issues on these two titles.

I installed them "manually" by not using any scripts as the scripts are not working in Playonlinux current version i am using (Ubuntu 18.04). with their rating I expected them to run pretty much out of the box (or maybe after some small tweaking), but they do not run at all. they load, but that's it. I can't even get to the main menu. i am not even sure if this is actually Playonlinux fault. If i understand the default wine is used on manual install and eventhough wine is not connected with this project maybe i should actually post in their forums? it should be vanilla wine in manual install, right?


here is the morrowind backtrace:

and here is the one from oblivion:


I already installed a couple of other gold/platinum rated games and they work as advertised, but these two are giving me troubles. I did install Morrowind on older OS version (Ubuntu 14.04) once before, so i know it did work rather well and required only some small tweaks. To me that was not platinum (like for example Torchlight) but good enough. Morrowind also runs in OpenMW engine, however there is no way to transfer my characters (save files) along with their journals.

Oblivion, loads the intro, but never get's to main menu, it just crashes. not what i would call platinum rating, but then again it was Wine that gave it that rating and a couple times in a row. i would like to first get Oblivion working, since there is a crude (yet easy) workarround for the Morrowind in openMW engine. i patched the Oblivion win unnoficial patch as i read it is very much advised to do that for the linux version. also note the comments section on the wine database:

looks like a similar issue.

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Dadu042 Monday 25 March 2019 at 21:20

Please read 'Warning' in

I see Wine used in your tests is v3.0.1... quite old.

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mastablasta Tuesday 26 March 2019 at 6:44

the version 3.0 had platinum rating on appdb, so it shouldn't matter if the wine version is old or not. i should have a prefix with morrowind installed on the old backup. it has even older wine version. the version number would have a meaning for newer games and applications mostly. the 3.0.1 is the default on Ubuntu LTS.

furthermore, i tried some of the scripts when installing previous games and the scripts did not work. manual install saved the day. i do know that on occasion winetricks has to be used as well as some setup has to be made. play on linux has a nice GUI to do that,so i don't have to memorize the commands. 

with platinum rating app, it should be install and play (msotly) but this is not the case for some reason. so i was wondering if anyone had more luck installign and playing these. or at least with oblivion, since i have a workarround with morrowind.