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The Golden Proportion grid to apply on all graphics

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megatrends Saturday 18 September 2021 at 1:23

This windows program from is a transparent grid which superimposes on the screen in order to adjust the graphics being designed to be in accordance to the golden ratio. As you might know, this golden proportion is present in all of nature. On the human body, on plants, on all forms of atomic matter, etc. It was discovered by a monk, Lucca Paccioli, and applied by Leonardo in all his works of art. It is the proportion applied when the Parthenon was constructed, the San Pietro basilica, the St. Paul Cathedral and ALL buildings and works of art of significance. I strongly suggest PlayonMac ads it to the supported programs to be played on Mac. Pleeease!
Even the developer mentions on that this program can be played on PlayonMac.
I tried to install it and could not, seeking help on the forum... (to be continued)
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