Wine - PlayOnLinux - Windows Registry

Sometimes, espeacuially after uninstallation, there are many leftovers in both Linux menus and Windows itself ...

Författare Svar
HX_unbanned Saturday 5 December 2009 at 22:59

Unfortunately I am Delphi ( Object Oriented Pascal ) for Windows programmer, and my first trying to modify QT4 app failed because I had no time and idea from where to start ..

So - I could try in my free time to implement simple script tp perform registry and Linux menu cleanups, but ... for sure - I would need some help, because it will be my first app / script in *.nix environment.

I can try, but I need good tutorials about:
1. Linux menus architecture and way to communicate between bash and linux itself. I guess there is something analog to WIndows Events, but ... its just guess.
2. Wine limitations to Windows Registry
3. Admin that would approve addition to PlayOnLinux ... hopefully with all credits to me as iniciator and developer :D ...

Why I do this? Because I like PlayOnLinux concept ... and hate to see Microsofts fuckups even in Penguin ... hehehe ...

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