Issue with opening (and saving) files with very long filenames in NTFS file system.

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MiAl Monday 20 August 2012 at 11:10

Tested on POL v. 4.1.6 and POL 4.1.7-2


I have a file. Its filename – is

'Правовое регулирование процесса добровольного переселения в Россию соотечественников из-за рубежа (дисц. Государственно-правовые основы миграции и миграционных процессов).docx'.

I typed it in Russian and not sure you see it correctly. The name of the file is very long and it is impossible to open (save) it in ext3 file system by any program. But I can open (save) it in NTFS file system by, for instance, LibreOffice Writer. If I try to open (save) in NTFS file system by MS Word 2010 I get an error and the operation fails.

I mean, it is possible in principle to open and save files with very long filenames in NTFS, but some error prevents it for POL.

petch Monday 20 August 2012 at 11:54

ext3 should not have any issue with such filename, it's locale agnostic and filename limitation is 255 bytes (which should be enough, even if it's used to store say UTF8).
So there's probably several layers of problems/misconfigurations/... involved.

MiAl Monday 20 August 2012 at 12:57

I transliterated filename, I got such result:
'Pravovoe regulirovanie processa dobrovol'nogo pereselenija v Rossiju sootechestvennikov iz-za rubezha (disc. Gosudarstvenno-pravovye osnovy migracii i migracionnyh processov).docx'

A file with such name I saved successfully in ext3. But in Russian (non Latin alphabet) I can't save it in ext3. I think I got the result because in UTF-8 symbols with codes from 0x80 to 0x7ff need 2 bytes, but others symbols may require till 4 bytes. But, I guess, it does not matter in situation I meant in my first post. I am able to save files with very long names in Russian in NTFS by any program but POL. And I proposed POL has a bug.

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petch Monday 20 August 2012 at 19:01

This 175 characters name indeed takes 324 bytes to store in UTF8, so cannot be stored on an ext*, btrfs, xfs,... but can on NTFS has a limit of 255 characters (and not bytes).

Now, if you don't use PlayOnLinux features, like starting an application from a filename extension association, or run a program from command-line with a filename parameters, then PlayOnLinux is not involved at all (which seems to be the case, you're talking about saving the file from within Word), and you may be hitting a Wine bug instead.

Wine only gives support from running applications from Posix filesystems (which excludes FAT and NTFS ones), but they have a whole Wiki page on how they handle the problem of implementing case preserving semantics on top of both case sensitive and case insensitive filesystems, which I take as an acknowledgement of using files stored on any filesystem (

I suppose you could report a bug to WineHQ at that point; But you may have to start Word without going thru POL, and I'm not sure of the correct way to do this (Tinou?)
MiAl Tuesday 21 August 2012 at 16:04

petch, thanks for clear explanation.