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Wine version 0.9.50

Saturday 15 December 2007 at 19:48

Available since November 30, 2007, here is the 0.9.50 Wine's release, a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

This new release bring:

- Completed I/O completion.
- Improved user credentials management, including Mac Keychain support.
- More Valgrinding.
- Lots of bug fixes.

To see detailed release's note, go to the official announce's page.

To downlaod binary packages for several systems and distributions, rendez-vous HERE.

By Zoloom

New Blockbuster for POL : Dark Messiah

Saturday 15 December 2007 at 23:45

Here is a good stuff to fill your appetite of fresh flesh and massacre in any kind: Dark messiah Of Might And Magic

An excellent game that will give you good time ... will you choose to pass to the dark side?

This game will nevertheless ask you some particular attentions. For details, see the forum HERE.

Good Game to you

By GNU_Raziel

Multi-design system available

Thursday 13 December 2007 at 16:37

PlayOnLinux has from now on a multi-design system.

Here are the available designs for the moment:

- Défault: The one you can currently see

- PlayOnLinuxV2: The older design.

And here is the page to change the website's design:

By Tinou

Come back of Command And Conquer 3 on PlayOnLinux

Saturday 15 December 2007 at 19:49

After more than 10 rehandlings and a lot of advanced tests, I'm in measure to announce you that Command And Conquer 3 is perfectly usable with POL 2.x again.

The installation script offers you to compile by yourself a git version of WINE for C&C3 or to use POL's one.

The patch script has been updated and it install now the patch's 1.09 version, i.e the last version.

You will even be measure to play online

For details, see the forum: HERE

Good Game to you

By GNU_Raziel

ATI Catalyst's new version and new classification

Friday 23 November 2007 at 19:55

The Catalyst's brand new version,the ATI video card's driver, was released yesterday.

This update provides:
- Harmonization of Linux versions numbers with Windows's ones. Thus,the Linux driver is now named Catalyst 7.11 (for 2007 november,it's the same classification system as Ubuntu) instead of Catalyst 8.43.x.
- Linux 2.6.23 kernel support.
- Support of new RV670 chipsets,i.e Radeon HD3850 and HD3870 cards.
- Fixed problems with RS690/RS740 and XCB chipsets.
- ...

Complete release's notes are available here.


ATI Catalyst 7.11 according to your operating system

Sources : Alionet & QuébecOS

New design

Thursday 22 November 2007 at 18:49


PlayOnLinux's site release 2.5 is out!

More light, clean, and simple to use...


PlayOnLinux 2.0.3

Wednesday 14 November 2007 at 21:59

EDIT : I forgot the chmod. For those who have had problems with dosbox-support (Z: during the loading of the game), download the.deb again, delete $HOME/.PlayOnLinux/dosbox/ and everything will be ok.

Yes you heard it well, PlayOnLinux 2.0.3 is out. Here's a summary of the new stuff:

The big move: dosbox !

Some games are installed under DOS and run with windows or vice versa. A good number of games actually.

The aim of PlayOnLinux is to give the biggest support for windows applications to run under Linux. But some of these applications run with DOS despite they've been made for Windows 95/98.

It's the case for Warcraft II.

So we installed a DOS support for PlayOnLinux through dosbox. I created a library PlayOnLinux (available in a seperate pack) that allows dosbox to use a wine prefix in a way.

You can check the result by yourself with Warcraft II :

closing the

You'll notice I can run the map editor designed for Windows and the game designed for DOS in the same time.

I put a depot called dosbox that will activate if the pack Playonlinux-DosboxSupport is installed. I made a script for Warcraft II by the way.

Other changes:

- Sometimes minor changes. For instance check_cdrom ask for the mount point when it's not found instead of cancelling the installation.

- Changes in the text message when updating that could be confusing.

Download it here:



PlayOnLinux 2.0.2 is there!

Monday 12 November 2007 at 7:53

Here's the 3rd PlayOnLinux v2, please welcome PlayOnLinux 2.0.2!

What's new:
Integration of wine booster 2 that allows better onfihuration of wine.
Integration oj wine GIT that allows to compile the very last version of wine.

Many thanks to GNU_Raziel for this version.

By the way we've rewritten the script system for users.

Last Man Standing 3.5 released

Sunday 11 November 2007 at 1:33

Last Man Standing (LMS) is a mod for Doom 3 which particularity is to propose an adventure in cooperative mode (but a single player mode is also available). Developed by Platinum Arts, this game's aim is to bring the classic Doom experience back.

Here's the list of the main features we can find in this 3.5 version:
* Compatible with the Doom 3 1.3.1 Patch and Doom 3 Steam Version
* Faster Map Loading Speeds and over 70 maps tuned for Coop play!
* A huge list of bug fixes
* New LMS theme song!!! Also check the lyrics out in the Doc folder, they rock!
* All of the zombies will now ragdoll
* Lots of SP Coop tweaks including improved spawn points, starting map weapons, and lag tweaks!
* Nine new maps are added from TA_Alucard that are prefixed with TS which stands for Training Simulation. Check them out and let us know what you think!
* Old LMS favorite Prog_Doomship is back with many fixes!
* Prog_Sewer and KF_Arena have received numerous updates thanks to The_Master!
* Colors on players nametags now reflect armor amount.
* Fortcomp has received some tweaking!
* Many various map tweaks and fixes

To get Last Man Standing 3.5, rendez-vous at the Platinum Arts's download page. It is available for Windows and Linux systems but unfortunately not yet for Mac ones (By the way, if you are interested in helping them, you can contact them at this adress).

Up Coming stuffs after this release :
* A map pack is on its way
* The LMS soundtrack release is in planning
* In addition there is a possible major development on the way that they will post about hopefully soon.

Interested ? More information on Last Man Standing's website.

The new English section of PlayOnLinux is open !

Tuesday 6 November 2007 at 23:54

Bonjour tout le monde !

Hey all !

We are very proud to open this new English section of PlayOnLinux. But you may want to know a little more about POL first.

As hardcore Linux users, we meet the same issues as most of the gamers: games are not -or rarely- developped for Linux. WineHQ, the famous "layer" that allows to install on Linux software designed for Microsoft Windows is the OpenSource tool we like to use. But still, Wine doesn't provide a user friendly interface that makes things easy. Yet.

This project we called POL is designed to make things even easier. You may compare it to the well known "Installshield Wizard" of Windows. Just answer a few questions like the type of software you wish to install (a game, an expansion, a patch...), choose it in the ever-growing list, clic and relax until everything is done for you.

To be noticed, we are also developing an interesting arm in the POL project named WOL (WorkOnLinux). This is the path to install pure Windows software such as Microsoft Office 2003 or Notepad++ for instance. Yes, there are equivalent OpenSource tools to those, that's true. But it is important that we aim at a full compatibility between the two OS. Indeed, Microsoft Office is, aside games, the other thing that keeps people running Windows as the main operating system, despite everybody knows now that Linux is virus-free, defragmentation-free, easier to use, faster, respects the international rules, etc, etc.

We'd be glad to meet you on the forum to answer any question you may have, discuss about POL or else, as we also opened an English section on it.

Please be welcome here!