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chubs730 Jeudi 24 Janvier 2008 à 3:11

There are a couple issues with your current registration system, mainly pertaining to security:

1. There is nothing preventing you from registering multiple nicknames with the same email address.
2. There is no confirmation email of any kind sent after registration. (This isn't as serious as the other issue and not exactly a bug but may be something you wish to look into.)
icaro581 Jeudi 7 Février 2008 à 21:23

it is true also may be added a verification code on the register page example as gmail i think that is called captcha

this post is missplaced here or not?

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Ghostofkendo Jeudi 7 Février 2008 à 23:27


This post isn't misplaced, we just think that a captcha security isn't so important for the moment.
About multi-account, it's not automatically prevented but we have something against it.

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