Low fps League of legends

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GloryOrDoom Mardi 26 Février 2013 à 1:47

Hi, i recently installed league of legends but i can only seem to get 25 fps max with the lowest settings, i believe its because of my graphics driver, but i cant find a driver that works well,
im running ubuntu 12.10 on a hp elitebook 6930p
please help, league is almost unplayable in teamfights, i get around 5 fps
GloryOrDoom Mardi 26 Février 2013 à 3:29

also its gnome 32 bit if that helps
petch Mardi 26 Février 2013 à 7:51

Here's a workstation of mine:

DELL Optiplex 760

CPU Intel E8600 3.33GHz
ATI Radeon HD 3450 (RV620), 256MB
Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon

Default driver Gallium 3D
Neverwinter Nights: Ok (light tests)
League of Legends: display crash during installation (no display updates, no control but mouse pointer movement, screen reset every 10s or so)

No longer supported by latest proprietary driver, need backported ATI 12.6 driver + X11 downgrade (
Neverwinter Nights: crash
League of Legends: crash when entering game

So, ATI dropping support for a card that's in a 3 years old PC? Yes they can.
At least I didn't pay a cent for this one.

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Firalus Dimanche 3 Mars 2013 à 17:54

You might try the 13.1 legacy driver, it's available from the ATI support site. When I last installed it, only kernel versions up to 3.4.x were supported though (my distro is running on 3.8 now), so I did a bit of research on the internet, managed to find a few patches and install, but I do not recommend it. The driver was malfunctioning a bit this way and got crashes upon entering the game. Works on opensource, but got a performance decrease in other games (namely Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - not really playable on lowest possible video settings).
petch Dimanche 3 Mars 2013 à 20:54

Mint 14 is using 3.5 kernel... But thanks for the info

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