Darn I need help.

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Zed Samedi 18 Mai 2013 à 21:11

Right, as you've probably guessed already; I'm new to Linux. 
I can navigate around and all - no problem, but the whole Terminal thing is new to me.

Ok, right, so, I successfully downloaded a PlayOnLinux version 3. something and installed it all fine, tried to run League of Legends - said I needed an update - Got it! Right, so, I head over to the website and hit the download button and hit the Ubuntu area. I paste in the codes and apparently now all is done. It should all be installed and done on the latest update, right?

Here's the two errors I get:
"Play onlinux is unable to fine the 32 bit OpenGL Libraries"

"Play onlinux cannot find cURL"

I'm running 64 bit, I got close to 17GHz of processing power and an alright graphics card - I know there's no issue with Hardware, but there it is anyway. 

I used Package Manager and deleted any traces of PlayOnLInux and headed over to the download section again, redownloaded all and again: all was fine. I run it, and this STILL happens! What am I missing!?
Ronin DUSETTE Samedi 18 Mai 2013 à 22:02

Enter this at a terminal

[code]sudo apt-get install curl[/code]

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Zed Samedi 18 Mai 2013 à 22:41

Thanks a million!
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