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ap4aaron Jeudi 31 Octobre 2013 à 3:44

In desktop intergration, I saw there was an option to change the background to another solid color. Is there any way to use your own image as the background?
booman Mercredi 26 Février 2014 à 20:27

Sure is, I'll have to try it as well.

  1. Set the virtual desktop size first.  ex:  1024x768
  2. Create a desktop image the exact same size.  ex:  1024x768
  3. Save it as a bitmap:  wallpaper.bmp
  4. Save it in the Windows Folder: /home/username/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/game/drive_c/windows
    Note:  Use your login in place of "username"
  5. Navigate to:
  6. Open win.ini with gedit
  7. Add this entry:

  8. Save it
  9. Relaunch Wine

[url=]Wine Tutorial[/url]

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Ronin DUSETTE Vendredi 18 Avril 2014 à 22:23

NICE! hahaha. I did not even think about doing that. Especially to have a custom background for each game, all high def and stuff. I will for sure remember this.

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