League of Legends Crashes

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Levan Samedi 30 Novembre 2013 à 0:16

I have a strange problem with league of legend and can anyone axplaine how this works and why does it do like this (Thank you)

Ok I installed 32-bit wine 1.7.1 league of legends on playonlinux

Then installed league of legends

If I run this game like this ever thing works but when I try to open a page that uses adobe air game crashes, if I try to open shop menu or after ever match is over when it tries to open adobe air page game crashes (or at least that is what i think is the problem)

but if i open a shell from playonlinux menu and type wine laungerlol.exe the game runs game does not crash after every match and I think I can open every adobe air page. However this way I can not open in game shop ( I am talking about the shop when you are in the battle) if I try to open this shop game hangs I still can hear sounds but game hangs 

So how does this work ??? is it using my default wine like this ?? (1.7.6)
and if it does I deleted the wine prefix but it still works.

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booman Mardi 3 Décembre 2013 à 0:39

PlayOnLinux is the way to go because its using a patched version of Wine.
Have you tried installing Adobe Air from the Windows Packages tab?

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