Multiple games suddenly not working in a similiar fashion

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EgoArmee Jeudi 6 Mars 2014 à 17:35

Around the day before yesterday most of my Playonlinux games stopped working.
I'm using Archlinux with openbox.
The main game I'm concerned about is WarThunder, which is the game I first noticed not working upon further checking I discovered that World of Tanks and League of Legends show similiar problems. Somehow Starcraft 2 WoL is working perfectly (except screwing over my sound from time to time, but I think thats a different matter)

The problem in all three cases is that I start the game, the launcher works perfectly fine but then after clicking on Play it crashes.

- In WarThunder I get a black screen and even after prolonged waiting nothing happens.

- In World of Tanks the WoT window opens for a short time then closes again

- In League of Legend it just gives me this error with the following details

The respective log files from POL are:


World of Tanks:

League of Legends:

This problem might be related to this , it occured around the same time and possibly also after a system upgrade.

From what I've read so far it might be a problem with 32-bit libraries the first line of the League of Legends Error details also hints at that.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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petch Jeudi 6 Mars 2014 à 19:21

Could be the same problem, as in neither case there's anything in the logs.
Then again for the same reason it could be totally different cases ;)
EgoArmee Jeudi 6 Mars 2014 à 19:39

Are there maybe any better logs which might yield answers?
There has to be some way to find out what went wrong.

I think the next thing I'm going to try is getting War Thunder running without POL, that seemed to work for the other guy.

EDIT: Okay I installed War thunder in a 64 Bit Windows environment or whatever that is in POL when you setup a virtual drive and now War Thunder is running perfectly, even better than before where I had crashes after loading.

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soulhuntor Lundi 10 Mars 2014 à 11:23

Hey EgoArmee, not sure if you have been paying attention to my thread

but Daerandin was able to solve the problem. Downgrading pulseaduio, libpulse, and lib32-libpulse fixed everything for me.