consistently low fps running guild wars 2

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strattonbrazil Vendredi 21 Mars 2014 à 2:31

I've installed Guild Wars 2 on my Ubuntu 13.10 machine and am getting fairly a fairly low fps.  

I have a nvidia GTX 660 and 8 gigs of RAM.  I've tried changing the settings around, but with the lowest settings it seems to top out around 13 fps after setting the windows mode to Vista (was at 9 fps).  Are there any tricks or things I could check to improve performance?  Even scaling the screen resolution doesn't seem to affect the framerate.  
soulhuntor Mardi 25 Mars 2014 à 4:12

Use 1.7.10 CSMT and make sure to enable CSMT in the registry. Though lately ArenaNet has been messing with the game, making it run like crap using WINE. Their official Mac beta users have been complaining lately.