Torch Light 2 Issues

No.. Lighting or cursor in my game...

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Ynott Vendredi 4 Avril 2014 à 0:01

When I turn on my game It seems there is no cursor or lighting on the ground unless there is direct light sources.. for example a big fire than i can see the floor. Has any one had this issue?
vaughner Dimanche 13 Avril 2014 à 20:55

Go into the options (in game) and turn off the shadows. They do this throughout act 1 but once you get to act 2 you can turn them back on if you like.
TheMightyJR Jeudi 26 Juin 2014 à 15:53

If you want your mouse to stop going away just go to Options and set the game to Windowed mode. This is how I did it and my mouse never dissapeared. 

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