Difficulties Getting The Steam Version of Torchlight II Installed

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thepieddragon Mardi 20 Mai 2014 à 2:31


I am having a problem with installing the Steam version of Torchlight II, as Steam seems to crash upon attempting to log in when propted to do so during installation. Here is what I get:

I am attempting to install under Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon (with the matching desktop) and Wine v1.5.25. As for configuration... not sure how to answer that, as I've only started to use Linux for my gaming... But I'm happy to provide info if needed. OH! And Steam by itself when running from PlayOnLinux doesn't have this crash. This only occurs when I attempt to install Torchlight II with PlayOnLinux. And trying to run Torchlight II using Steam without trying to install it from PlayOnLinux fails as well, as it gets an error when trying to save the configuration. I'll provide that error in full as well if nessecary, but I dunno if it is...

Much appreciated in advance to anybody who can give me advice! :)
petch Mardi 20 Mai 2014 à 2:35