Alone In The Dark - The New Nightmare

Trying to install fails immediately. Please read.

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BobMontgomery Dimanche 17 Aoüt 2014 à 16:35

Although it appears to be supported by POL, I have not been able to install this program, let alone try to run it.  As soon as I use the script to install, Wine crashes.  Also trying to do a manual installation fails as soon as the setup.exe files tries to open.  The programs does install and run fine on Windows 7.  I am trying to completely cut off the need to have Windows on my computer (dual boot) and am wondering if anyone has installed and run this program (using the CD method with original CDs)... If so, what did you do to get it installed etc.?  Thank you for you help.

BobMontgomery Mercredi 20 Aoüt 2014 à 19:14

Unable to install from the CDs at all.  Crashes immediately when trying to install.  Must be some kind of "protection" that makes it only install with Windows (and it does, I tested it.) .... So in my opinion it isn't worth the effort to continue... the solution was simple.  I purchased it (again) on Steam and it runs great.