Need for speed most wanted - 2010 Unleashed

Game runs very slow

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tousif Dimanche 12 Octobre 2014 à 14:46

- Name of the distribution - Debian Wheezy 7.6 - i386

- Name of the software and its version - POL 4.2.5 + Wine 1.5.27
- Desktop - KDE - Platform Version 4.8.4 (4.8.4)
- Computer configuration

CPU-AMD Phenom II 1055T (2.8Ghz)

4GB Ram


GPU -Nvidia GT 520

kindly note i've installed all required graphics driver and other basic prequisites installed before installing the game.


the problem :-

Game is Need for speed most wanted 2010, i installed manually, every thing runs fine but game runs very slow !! i want it to run fast !!

i tried to change some display configurations of wine such as changing and testing different options of offscreen rendering mode, multisampling, stict draw, direct draw, glsl support.

 as per my observation when switching to backbuffer, runs game faster but i can't see any car, and surrounding environments, only map and speed is visible nothing else seems visible on backbuffer.


while changing to rendering to other mode make game slowe but everything becomes visible such as car and environment etc.

i'm sorry i can't provide any debug report because their is no error.

if i am missing on some information please tell me, i'll post it

please guide me.

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