League of Legends Sub-Menu Problem

Right click on summoner in friend list displays no menu

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lama2p0 Samedi 18 Octobre 2014 à 11:54

Hello everyone, I'm running xubuntu 14.10, installed League of Legends using POL, and added IE8. When right clicking on a summoner in my friends list, it does not display a menu. I'm using POL 4.2.5.

I also have an issue where some elements in the store load very slowly.

If someone could help me fix this it would be much appreciated.


Also not sure if it'll have relevance, but my computer is MSI GT70 dominator-895.

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lama2p0 Samedi 18 Octobre 2014 à 22:57

Work around for the right clicking

Hold right click > left click > release right click.. any actual fix for this?

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