League of Legends freeze on game start

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lama2p0 Vendredi 31 Octobre 2014 à 12:36

Hello everyone, my League of Legends was working fine, until I decided to install Nvidia drivers in hopes to fix another game.. Nvidia drivers did not work properly though, X would not start.. I then purged Nvidia* and boot just fine, X starts. However, now my League of Legends does not work.. League of Legends freezes just after the loading screen, sometimes lasting a second. Game music is still audible.


I am on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.1, on my GT70 Dominator-895.. GPU is GTX 870M..

Please HALP! QQ


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lama2p0 Vendredi 31 Octobre 2014 à 17:43

Thanks to mrsxypants@freenode I got things working with Nvidia, and game works again as well.

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