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dyp Mercredi 5 Novembre 2014 à 6:30

hello all,

I run french distribution POL from POL repos is well integrated but the applications Shorcuts are created in /home/$USER/Bureau/Desktop/Shorcut and I just want to heve them in /home/$USER/Bureau/Shorcut. could you tell me where to change this please ?

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Ronin DUSETTE Mercredi 5 Novembre 2014 à 7:03

It is an automated process, but you can always move the shortcut to the proper place. You can change this in your install of POL by editing the source code on your system. 

If you are interested in doing that, the file that you need to edit (at least from what I can see) is this one:

line 585

If you edit that in your POL install on your local system then you can change the default shortcut creation location. That is the POL shortcut creation function. Keep in mind that upgrading or reinstalling POL will revert that change, so you will have to make that change again. 

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