Dungeon Keeper 2: mouse too crazy fast!

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trena Mercredi 25 Février 2015 à 22:18

The GOG version of Dungeon Keeper 2 on OS X runs too fast for the mouse to be useful in-game, is there a Regedit setting to slow the mouse down.

As I have the original and the GOG version installed I can see the differences and notice that the flashing stars on certain icons on the menu at the beginning of the Campaign levels (use to draw the players attention to) flash much more rapidly on the GOG version than the original CD version that plays at normal speeds. That is a clear indicator that the game is playing too fast but when I alter the game speed setting under "GameSpeed" that the Imps move slower but it does not affect the mouse or stars.

trena Vendredi 27 Février 2015 à 3:27

Apparently the people at GOG say that Mac OS X is an unsupported system, so I've asked for my money back.

I don't see what they did, the original has the correct speed but their's has been modified in some way to alter this.

I'll stick with the original.

Ronin DUSETTE Vendredi 27 Février 2015 à 3:31

Yeah. You will not find a game publisher that supports their software running through Wine. Unless it is ran on the native operating system for which it was programmed, no publisher will support it. 

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