Create shortcut on dock?

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mbefore305 Mercredi 1 Avril 2015 à 10:49


Thanks for this great software!

I managed to get my favorite music manager/player Musicbee running with PlayOnMac.
Now I want to add this app to the dock. From PlayOnMac I can create a desktop shortcut and
I also can copy that one to the dock. But when I delete the desktop shortcut (because I want to have
empty desktop) and then click on the symbol in the dock, the system complain, that it cannot run
the SW, as it is in the trash.

Is there any way to solve this?


Quentin PÂRIS Mercredi 1 Avril 2015 à 21:05
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

You can copy the shortcut into application folder :)

mbefore305 Lundi 13 Avril 2015 à 15:59

So simple. It works. Thanks!