Can't find a installed game

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Mido Jeudi 18 Juin 2015 à 20:39


Every time I install Warcraft III:reign of chaos on my mac, i can play it, but eversince I close it, it is unpossible to find it, and i have to reinstall it every time .. Why isn't it the " installed " game ??? 

I precise that the folder that I used to install is a legal one ( I buyed it on ) ...


Can you help me ?


( Sorry for the english .. I'm Frensh )

Ronin DUSETTE Jeudi 18 Juin 2015 à 20:45

Can you post your debug log, please? 

Post debug logs & full computer specs in first post
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petch Jeudi 18 Juin 2015 à 23:21

Are you starting the game from the installer?