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Mainly new vegas using mod organizer

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draxdeveloper Mercredi 2 September 2015 à 5:13

Hello! I want to know how it's the wine/playonlinux actual support.
I am stuck on linux because of my game list:
As you can see i have a lot of games...
The game i REALLY want to keep playing it's fallout: new vegas
But my New vegas it's full of mods using the mod organizer (basically i followed the fear and loathing guide.
So now i have a save with hours of gameplay and i need to keep the actual mods.
Also, i want to be able to play fallout 4...

So, i really want to kick windows away but i want to keep playing my game least, at least new vegas with mods...

Should i wait steam os come out? Or at least directx 11 full support from wine?

David Paiva

telanus Mardi 6 Mars 2018 à 7:24

New Vegas do work with wine afaik here is a report: